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Holiday Accommodation in Northumberland

     Posted on Wed ,17/04/2013 by Jonathan Porter

Stablewood Coastal Cottages offer people the opportunity to enjoy self-catering holiday homes in the beautiful region of Northumberland. This reputable company has amazing holiday accommodation to suit couples and families who can relax, get back to nature and wake up to magnificent views each morning of the Northumbrian coastline. The comfortable cottages have all the amenities you would expect from a holiday home, they are spacious and cosy along with being pet friendly, good news for dog owners.

Take a look at the wonderful private beach right on your doorstep. Children will be in their element at the thought of spending long, lazy days making sandcastles or paddling in the water. With so much to see and do in Northumberland choosing Stablewood Coastal Cottages for a holiday or a short break is strongly recommended. With their home from home atmosphere, everything you’ll need for a fantastic holiday and spectacular, panoramic views, there’s no better place than Northumberland.

Stablewood Coastal Cottages website is so easy to navigate, you’ll find everything you need to know about the cottages, where to eat, places of interest and what to do, clearly detailed on the site. With colourful photographs of the holiday accommodation, good descriptions of what to expect and information about the local area, the team have designed and built Stablewood Coastal Cottages website with the user in mind. Why not take some time out and browse online to see what this reliable coastal cottage company has to offer?

There’s also plenty of useful and interesting tourist information available to make a holiday on the North East coast even more enjoyable.

Ditch or Date’s New Speed Dating Website

     Posted on Fri ,08/03/2013 by Jonathan Porter

There are many speed dating websites around just now, however with a fresh new look, well-designed format that includes targeting more cities across the UK, Ditch or Date far outweighs its competitors. People of all ages are turning to speed dating events to find friendship or long-term relationships.

Many cities are home to thousands of single people searching for true love and romance. Ditch or Date is one way to meet like-minded men or women, it’s fun, safe, and you never know, the first person you encounter could be the one! Using an easy to navigate website along with easy to understand instructions, speed dating events can be found in no time at all. Find your soul mate via this fantastic website whether you live in Manchester, Birmingham, or London.

The speed dating event site has been expanded to include more cities across the United Kingdom, Ditch or Date is confident to match up men and women through its events. Take a look at the website soon to discover how it can help you if you’re looking for Mr or Miss Right. Stay single for just one more night.


Social Media Marketing

     Posted on Tue ,05/02/2013 by Jonathan Porter

If you feel your company could benefit from social media marketing as a way of directing more traffic to your website, get in touch with ne-web. In today’s extremely competitive world, no matter which line of business you’re in, communication, interaction and building relationships is crucial.

With years of experience in internet marketing ne-web know just what works having developed, tried and tested social media campaigns. Stay up-to-date with innovative, unique and fresh content to keep your audience’s attention.

Social media platforms provide the perfect key in achieving success for your business. Getting found in Google is what most companies aspire to, with this in mind our social media campaigns are formulated to help drive traffic to your website as well as improving search engine results.

Bespoke social media campaigns are flexible and sure to improve the way you portray your company online. It won’t take long to notice the great results using a social media presence for your brand.

For more information visit ne-web Ltd – Social Media Marketing.

Earn Money from Sun Spirit Solar Panels

     Posted on Fri ,11/01/2013 by Jonathan Porter

If there are two messages that are being given loud and clear these days, it is that everyone is feeling the pinch from the economic crisis and it is vital that people do everything they can to lower their carbon footprint. Sun Spirit, with a little help from a government scheme, miraculously addresses both of these problems simultaneously.

What is Sun Spirit?

Sun Spirit is a company which is expert in the design and installation of the latest Solar PV Systems. The Photovoltaic (PV) systems are designed to capture light from the sun with solar panels and convert it into electricity. The specialist team at Sun Spirit do not work alone to produce these highly efficient, green money savers. Scientists at Oxford University work with the renewable energy company to enable them to keep in touch with any new developments or breakthroughs in the industry. Going forward, Sun Spirit hopes to use this wealth of knowledge and expertise to continue to develop and improve on existing systems for the foreseeable future.

The team at Sun Spirit are passionate about changing the way people think about energy and the environment. Their promise is to show people how they can change the world with the simple installation of a PV system.

How to earn money with the PV system

In 2010, the government launched a cash back scheme for those who used renewable energy sources for heat and electric.

The Feed-In Tariff (FIT) sees people who generate power from renewable sources being paid from their energy suppliers per kWh generated. People are able to use any or all of this energy generated for personal or business use and any which is surplus will feed back in to the grid.

With the PV systems, payments are made by the energy companies to those who are eligible, for 25 years. Some customers who have had Sun Spirit PV systems installed have received a 22% return in the first year, even better than Sun Spirit had quoted.

Many people who know about FIT will also realise that free solar panels can be applied for and obtained from other companies. It should be pointed out though that these companies which offer free solar panels keep all the money earned from FIT for themselves. Over 25 years, that is a lot of money for people to earn themselves, and give away.

Company: Sun Spirit



     Posted on Tue ,11/12/2012 by Jonathan Porter

Flowrapper is an innovative company that specialises in, as the name suggests, wrapping most types of products in an effective money saving way using the latest technology that has transformed the packaging machine industry. They supply and maintain flow wrapping machinery to many clients, with many years of experience in this particular field specialists have gained a reputation for a first-class service and professional aftersales care.

Revolutionise your business by purchasing semi automatic, high speed wrapping machines that will handle your products from manufacture to eventual despatch. The machines themselves are manufactured to very high specifications in Italy and go through intense quality checks before leaving the production lines. Let Flowrapper help your business to package goods so they look appealing on the eye and satisfy your customers as well as yourself. Spares, replacement parts, second hand machines can also be provided so if anything does go wrong, which is very rarely, there’s no need to worry that your production line will be halted for any reason.

With so much competition around choose the best, choose Flowrapper to make the operation of your own company much easier with professional looking products that have been wrapped either individually or using trays. SlipFeed offers low pressure, low cost continuous product flow while MultiFeed is recommended for more delicate items, check out the details to see which is most preferable for your particular requirements.

We at ne-web are extremely proud to have had the opportunity of redesigning Flowrapper’s website and are very happy with the end product which looks great while being easy to navigate. My team of designers and photographers have done a first class job in creating a website for Flowrapper that depicts exactly what this company is projecting which are fantastic machines that can wrap many products per minute using touch screen controls.

Client: GSP (UK) Ltd


Washington Direct Mail

     Posted on Tue ,11/12/2012 by Jonathan Porter

If it’s a direct mailing service you are after then check out Washington Direct Mail who offer a reliable service for international companies as well as small businesses. Rest assured you will be provided with a personal approach from a recommended company with the capacity and professionalism of what you would expect from a large organisation, when using their services expect value for money, also direct mailing that will be on time and within budget.

When contacting Washington Direct Mail trained customer service representatives can provide you with a list of services as well as timings and quotes. Their work is not outsourced, everything is carried out by a family run business that is geared towards success for their clients, Washington Direct Mail has a reputation as one of the North East’s leading direct mailing companies that focuses their business on core areas for instance, direct mail production, mail sortation, printing services, design services as well as data services including management.

Get in touch with a team member regarding a direct mailing service which is second to none, advisers can provide you with a four stage quality management process that ensures a 100% mail quality check, whether you need to communicate with your existing clients or are interested in acquiring new customers. WDM can also assist businesses no matter how large or small, experts can develop your brand with the help and experience that comes with the services of established consultants, why not take a look online for further information and key mailing tips regarding direct mail such as pricing and design.

As you would expect when using Washington Direct Mail there are additional online services to choose from for example, IT and printing as well as postal and courier services which are ideal for any type of business.


Fantastic New Standland Website

     Posted on Mon ,26/11/2012 by Jonathan Porter

There’s a fantastic new website at Standland that covers the great services this dependable company offers along with the many wonderful products it sells. They have everything in their huge warehouse in Lancashire from budget TV stands, wooden stands, traditional TV stands to cabinet TV stands, all at prices within most people’s budgets.

Standland can provide online customers with value for money television stands which are essential in the home to make TV viewing much more enjoyable. If you’re short of storage space a cabinet TV stand is perfect to keep your DVDs, CDs, satellite box, gaming consoles and magazines in or if you prefer your television to be mounted on the wall the company also sells brackets that are very easy to install. Having a wall mounted TV not only looks great but will definitely be a talking point when friends and family pay you a visit.

If you need any help regarding which design of TV stand to choose get in touch via a live helpline where an adviser will do all they can to assist you in making the right choice, they are specially trained and have an enormous amount of knowledge about stands, cabinets and TV brackets. Don’t hesitate to give them a call if necessary. For outstanding service and value for money make Standland the first company you visit.

Finally the team are very proud to say we have redesigned and restructured Standland’s website making it easy to navigate. We love the look and feel of the site so hopefully prospective purchasers of these amazing TV stands will feel the same way, we’re quite sure you will.

The Vermont Hotel Newcastle

     Posted on Mon ,05/11/2012 by Jonathan Porter

The new Vermont website will help position The Vermont among the cream of top hotels in Newcastle

Anticipation is building around what the new Vermont Hotel will look like after the refurb which is underway. Livello, the former Martha’s bar linked to the Hotel has recently been relaunched with a fanfare and is becoming the place to be for aftershow parties in Newcastle, but I’ll post about that when we’ve finished the website. For now I wanted to talk about the Vermont, an impressive hotel with a fabulous feel and of course a recently revamped website.

I love what the team did on this project, we did some of the photography as well as the web design, but its all about how the photos were used. Large images can slow things down on the Internet, but it really works on this and I think we shall see more of this style emerging in the coming months. The large photos were chosen for maximum visual impact yet without affecting the user experience too much, and they do communicate what the place is like. All of this in the context of a PyroCMS powered website for total ease of use too.

Click here to view the new website for the Vermont, the only independent 4 star hotel in Newcastle.

I also recommend visiting The Vermont Hotel Google+ page to see reviews from people who have stayed in the luxury Newcastle Hotel.

Why Buying the Right Gift Is So Difficult

     Posted on Wed ,08/08/2012 by Jonathan Porter

These days buying gifts can be really difficult. Many of us spend hours shopping, trying to find a gift that will actually mean something to the recipient. Unfortunately, more often than not that perfect gift remains elusive. A good gift is one which will be remembered and treasured. Practical gifts, such as salad spinners, while useful are not often remembered ten years later.

One of the issues with buying quality gifts is that they are often too expensive and out of most people’s price ranges. We have all experienced that rush of excitement when we spot what we think would be an ideal gift and then the disappointment when we see the price tag. The challenge for gift buyers is finding a quality gift which is affordable while not being tacky.

Purchasing gifts online can be a great way to save time and money. Searching the web takes substantially less energy than walking around a shopping centre or running up and down city shopping strips. However, online gift shopping also has its problems. For one, the market is flooded with thousands of websites claiming to sell quality goods; you as a consumer have no way of knowing where to start. Also once you have purchased something online you have no way of knowing if what you have bought is a quality product until you actually receive it in the mail, and by that stage it’s often too late.

Think Gifts offer a wide range of gifts, all of which are of the highest quality so buyers will be able to find the right gift no matter who they are buying for. Gifts available, such as the Shamballa style bracelet, are unique and stylish so are sure to be remembered and treasured by the recipient.

Medical Conferences

     Posted on Thu ,19/07/2012 by Jonathan Porter

For any doctors, medical practitioners or anyone in any field of medicine that wants an easier and simpler way of keeping track of global medical conferences, The Conference Website is a great help. It offers a quick, easy and free way of being organised when it comes to the latest courses and conferences that are available around the world. By using an alert system you can be emailed, at a frequency that suits you, so you never miss an important date for a conference.

The site also incorporates Google Maps so you can see and find your way to the conferences easily. In today’s age of being ultra-busy all of the time, there is bound to be times when medical conferences go missed. However, as you can sign up, for free, to The Conference Website this is all in the past. Now you can download the iPhone app and get alerts to your phone while you’re on the move and stay in touch with what’s happening around the globe.

When you sign up on the site, you are asked just to input your name, email address and field of speciality. This means you can keep tabs on just your area of expertise of medical conferences that are going on. If you want to host a conference then you can simply add a new venue to the conference section and for those other doctors that are registered to the site they will be alerted when your medical conference is taking place.

This, as you can see, is a great way to never miss an important event and to make sure that other practitioners never miss your medical conferences and courses that you are attending or taking part in.